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  •  Product pricing and availability can be changed or updated without notice.
  • –K2 Incense shop reserves the right to refuse service or cancel an order at its discretion including if we believe that the customer’s conduct violates applicable laws or it’s harmful to the interest of our shop.
  • –Harassment on this site via e-mail, chat, and use of abusive language is strictly forbidden.
  • –Impersonation of our employee or accountant by directing them to deposit money in a fake bank account is strictly forbidden


  • We are not responsible for patients using our products without our concerns also, note that herbal potpourri, k2 spray, and k2 paper may be dangerous if consumed in large quantity
  • -In case you are not fully satisfied or you got a broken parcel, you are free to return it within 1 week from the time of purchase, you will not be refunded if your package is received after the agreed time.
  • Our products are shipped using FedEx only, in case otherwise you will be notified via text or email.
  • Buyer agrees that he/she is available at the delivery address or it’s safe to drop a package.
  • We don’t offer pickup for new customers unless you have been buying at the K2 Incense shop because there are a lot of law enforcement officers pretending to be customers.

NOTE:  No modification of these terms and conditions is valid unless authorized by K2 Incense shop.